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Pad computers, also known as tablet computers, offer consumers a new way to do business, engage in social media, Skype with loved ones, and everything you would expect out of a normal laptop computer. However, the pad computers are lighter and more easily taken with you than a normal laptop. This makes these pad computers or notepad computers the ideal device for anyone on the go.

Pad Computers: Operating Systems

The first decision anyone looking at a pad computer must make is what operating system suits them best. Companies like Windows, Apple, Android and Blackberry all offer different operation systems. The Dell pad computers, as well as, the hp pad computer use the Windows operating system, just like in their PCs. The Windows notepad computers appeal to people who use these devices primarily for business applications.

Apple’s operating system is featured exclusively in the iPad. The iPad is a favorite among business people and people using the devices for personal use. The apple pad computer started the pad computers craze and continues to be the best selling.

The Android operating system is used on products like the Motorola pad computer called the Xoom. Android has made great improvements to their operating system. That fact paired with the near HD displays and ease of use of the hardware has made the Android powered pad computers a great competitor for Apple.

Pad Computers: Can You Use iPad Computer and other Tablet Computers like a Laptop?

This is perhaps the biggest draw for pad computers. These lighter computers can be taken anywhere easily and with their ability to connect to the internet through wireless providers or wifi hotspots makes them ideal for our active world. One aspect of pad computers that concerns some consumers is the actual typing. Since the tablet computer’s entire work surface is the screen, it means the keyboard appears on the screen. The keyboard screen works very well and is easy to use. For those who desire the traditional keyboard, external keyboards are available for purchase and easily connect to the pad computer of your choice.

Pad Computers: How Do Pad Computers Compare in Price

Most pad computers range in price from $250 to $900 dollars. Even at the high end, these pad computers are still less than many heavier and less user friendly laptops. People choose the pad computers over laptops because of their ease of use, lightweight design, and always increasing available applications. These perks plus the lower price, makes the pad computers a good choice for people on the go over a traditional lap top.

Pad computers have numerous options for operating systems, screen size, memory space and processors. Any upgrade you make will increase the price, but with the accessibility to the internet anywhere you go plus the processing speed you really can’t go wrong with pad computers.


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